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Antiracism, Identity, and Belonging (AIB) Grant (formerly MECCPAC)

The AIB Grant is a diversity initiative offered through the Multicultural Center. The committee reviews applications to provide co-sponsorship funds for antiracist, cultural, educational, and multi-ethnic programs that help build awareness and appreciation within the Illinois State community for African American, Latin American, Native American, and Asian American cultures; women; people with disabilities; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual identified persons (LGBTQIA+).

AIB Grant Eligibility

Student organizations (registered and independent), academic departments, the International House, and other groups hosting programs that promote diversity education and build cultural awareness and appreciation can apply for funding from the AIB Grant. The AIB Grant will share financial responsibility to combine resources to promote multicultural programming for approved applications.

Application Guidelines

  1. At least four weeks before the program, submit the AIB Grant application and budget form to be considered for funding. The AIB Grant responds only to expenses that can be invoiced. NOTE: For student organizations, if expenses cannot be invoiced, please email Dr. Monica Overton before completing the application.
  2. For initial review, submit the completed application and budget to the AIB Grant chair, Dr. Monica Overton. NOTE: Applications and budgets are only accepted online.
  3. Once reviewed, the AIB Grant chair, Dr. Monica Overton, will contact you within one week to inform you if your request has been approved or denied.

AIB Grant Application Timeline

At least four weeks before the program:

  • Complete the application online, including the following information:
    • A proposed program agenda
    • A completed budget form, including other financial sources. NOTE: For student organizations, if you do not have additional financial sources, contact Dr. Monica Overton before completing the application.
    • Advertisement/Marketing for the program, which includes the following mandatory requirements:
      • Accommodations Statement
        • “If you need an accommodation to fully participate in this program/event, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number and email address). Please allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.”
      • Be printed on recycled paper and include the recycle symbol
      • Co-sponsored by AIB Grant – A Multicultural Center Initiative

Ten days or fewer after the program occurs (if funding is approved)

AIB Grant Forms

AIB Grant Application 

Application Priority

To ensure needs are met, certain groups are given priority to application consideration. The priority is as follows:

  1. Independent Cultural Organizations
  2. Registered Student Organizations
  3. University Departments

If necessary, groups with a higher priority may override an application request without prior notice.